Recanalization therapy in pediatric stroke

ISCHEMIC STROKE / ACUTE THERAPY Recanalization therapy in pediatric stroke Created 21/09/2022, last revision 21/09/2022 [toc] AHA/ASA (2019) - Management of Stroke in Neonates and Children stroke is relatively rare in children but can lead to significant morbidity/mortality acute management strategies are extrapolated from adult studies, but with some specific considerations Specifics of stroke in ... Read more

Focal cerebral arteriopathy (FCA)

Focal cerebral arteriopathy on DSA
ISCHEMIC STROKE / ETIOLOGY Focal cerebral arteriopathy (FCA) Created 22/09/2022, last revision 26/09/2022 [toc] Introduction focal cerebral arteriopathy (FCA) was originally referred to as transient cerebral arteriopathy (TCA) TCA was defined as a monophasic disease leading to unilateral intracranial stenosis (usually the siphon, M1, or A1 segments) follow-up vessel imaging may reveal progression or bilateral ... Read more
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